of the
Indian Ocean

Since 1943, AGK provides one of the finest’s scent and spices in the market and imports to Comoros the best brands of the world.


First-class products

A recognized expertise for the vanilla curing process as well as cloves and yang-ylang picking. Traditional savoir-faire that has now been transmitted for 5 generations.


Our imported products

AGK is the biggest importer on the Comoros’ market. Foods, drinks, hygiene products, electronics, and many more products to the local market.

Our unique story

Founded in 1992, by Amine and Chama Kalfane.Today, over 500 employees are dedicated to provide the best products to Comoros and to the world.

Our sustainability actions

Beyond providing jobs to underserved population, we developed sustainable programs in Comoros and Madagascar to help struggling families on the islands.